Finbarr Corr, author and publisher, is a native of Legaginney, Ballinagh, County Cavan, Ireland.

Since coming from Ireland to the US in 1960 as a missionary priest, he has led a very full life. His ministry included working with inner-city youth and the adults of Northern New Jersey as well as counseling engaged and married couples.

From his early years in Paterson, NJ, he was not just accepting of other cultures and religions, but built bridges of communication and trust among people so that together they could work together for a better world.

After 28 joy-filled years as a Catholic priest, Finbarr resigned the priesthood to marry Laurie Hutton. He continued his ministry as a marriage and family therapist, professor and writer.

Finbarr’s many readers enjoy his Irish wit, the insights into relationships that he offers, and the way in which he encourages all not to be inhibited by life’s obstacles but to the cross the bridge to a more fulfilling life. He has authored 10 books to date on topics from growing up in Ireland, counseling couples and families, working with teenagers and the Catholic church.


As a Rotarian, Finbarr was involved in fostering dialogue between Muslims, Jews and Christians as a step towards world peace and understanding. He is a member of the No Place for Hate movement.

Dr Corr admits to being a fundraiser since he was 8 years old growing up in Ireland and serves as chairman of Major Fundraising for the Advocates for a Community College Education (ACCE). ACCE is the group he founded in 2010 -after he retired from teaching – with the help of a fellow Adjunct Professor, Dick Corsini. He admits that he is not shy about soliciting fellow Cape Cod residents (and out of state residents) for donations. His fundraising Co-Chair is Bill Peters.

The mission of the Advocates is to raise money for financially needy students on Cape Cod who are passionate about continuing their education beyond high school, have been accepted at CCCC and agree to be mentored twice monthly. Readers are encouraged to watch for the Advocates annual fundraising event in September each year.