Bless Me, Mother: How Church Leaders Fail Women

Even though he served in the priesthood for 28 years, as Dr. Corr researched this book, he was surprised to learn that the hostility between the Catholic Church’s male hierarchy and women religious began centuries before Vatican Council II. He writes, “Today, with Catholic women religious and Catholic lay women becoming leaders of international Church organizations there is a renewed promise for women sharing equal authority with men in the future Church.

“As Dr. Finbarr Corr was writing his book entitled Broken Promises: Whatever Happened to Vatican Council II? The following question haunted him: Why doesn’t the male hierarchy have more respect for the important roles women have played in the Church? He decided to research the past and present situation, which is how this new book was born.

Based on his own history as a priest and psychotherapist, Dr. Corr has combined thorough research with scholarship and wit to provide a thoughtful and challenging text.

During the decades he served as a priest he found women making a tremendous contribution to parish life. Later as a pastor he included women in his team approach and found their participation was very valuable. When he established the Family Life agency in the Paterson Diocese of New Jersey, he was very impressed by the women who served as leaders and featured speakers.

He was well aware that women could rise to great heights and assume vast responsibilities as evidenced throughout Celtic history. In more recent times, women of high intelligence and inspirational wisdom have even served as President of the Irish Nation. In Ireland it is not unusual for a woman’s picture to adorn currency.

This book is a must read for anyone who wishes to gain more understanding of the role of women in the Church.”

Tom O’Connell
B.A., M.A., Educator and

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