A Kid From Legaginney

Finbarr Corr, author and publisher, is a native of Legaginney, Ballinagh, County Cavan, Ireland.

In his first book, “A Kid from Legaginney” he recalls his youth, growing up on Legaginney farm with eight siblings, his five years in St Patrick’s and his six years in the seminary.

He served as a priest for 28 years in America before leaving the ministry, marrying and becoming a therapist. His first book takes us through his life journey from student to priesthood to therapist.

“A Kid from Legaginney” has won much acclaim from the critics. Frank McCourt, the author of Angela’s Ashes describes it as “warm and leavened with the gentle breezes of kindness, humour and compassion”.

McCourt goes on: “We don’t often get the inside story of a priest’s life, though I think we need to know now, more than ever, that there are men and women of the cloth doing God’s work. So here it is, a memoir of a man doing just that, a man with a great heart and a writing style that draws you in as if you were sitting by his fireside, listening. Listening and being moved.”