Broken Promises: Whatever happened to Vatican Council II?

With his skill as an Irish storyteller that was vividly evident in his prior books, Finbarr M Corr Ed. D., a former priest, opens an important new window on what he describes as ‘the Church’s third major crisis since Jesus Christ established it on Simon Peter, the Rock.’ Drawing on decades of vital experience as a crusading priest, innovative family therapist, and provocative educator and author, Dr. Corr asks if the Church can survive its failure to follow through on the dictates of Vatican Council II initiated by Pope John XXIII to ‘open up the windows of the church and let in some fresh air.’

Boldy written, Broken Promises is an eloquent work that offers wise guidance to people of all faiths.

In Broken Promises: Whatever happened to Vatican Council II? Finbarr examines the context and consequences of Vatican Council II fifty years after it was first convened: it’s early promise; the popes and forces who have defined and managed its fate, including the possible reasons for their failure to embrace shared authority and openness; and the consequent disruption in major Catholic populations throughout the world. The author, who served as a priest before, during and after the Council explains why there is still time for rescue and renewal even in the face of the most damaging result of the Church hierarchy’s failed follow-through and cover-up of sexual abuse by pedophile clergy that threatens the Church’s very survival.

“Finbarr Corr has written a book from the passion of his life and the depth of his pastoral experience with people. Many readers committed to Church reform will find themselves and their hopes in these pages.”

– Dr. Anthony T. Padovano, Catholic Theologian