St. Vincent Martyr Parish: From Church to Community

“The former Catholic priest and author, Finbarr Corr, provides another story of hope as he traces St. Vincent’s Parish resurgence in Madison, NJ. As a young priest, he takes on this difficult assignment knowing that it wasn’t a job for just one person. With his vision of a post- Vatican II parish community in mind, he created a pastoral team to share leadership, uniquely engage the many different cultures that existed in the parish and expand the involvement of young people.

His team approach succeeded and, in only a few years, volunteer engagement contributions increased dramatically. Youth Ministry grew from 60 participants to over 300 and school attendance increased by over 100. The energy and excitement about what was being created together caused some to call it the ‘Camelot’ period in the life of their parish.”

Tom O’Connell
B.A., M.A., Educator and Author