MY DAD: John Frank

Dr. Finbarr Corr, a former Catholic Priest provides a heartwarming story about a Catholic family’s life in Ireland where he and eight brothers and sisters were raised on a prosperous 100 acre farm that was developed by his Dad and nurtured by his devout Mom. The author, a prolific writer of memoirs, features life with his dad through a succession of loving memories that pull at the reader’s heart strings. A day with Dad at the exciting Galway Races. Placing a winning bet on the horse names Sea Biscuit. Plowing the fields with horses. Riding horses. Snacking on tea and scones.

Praying the Rosary together as an important part of family life. Experiencing life threatening times: Dad’s life-saving surgery. The snow blizzard of 1947 that was so cold and harsh that 15 valuable cattle were lost. Shortages of money to pay college tuition. Dad’s connection to the IRA. The practice of the spiritually important Catholic faith. Mom’s loss and passage to heaven. These and many more aspects of Irish life provide a truly heartwarming experience for the reader.

Tom RA. Boston College, M. A.
Boston University and Irish Storyteller.
Author of Power, Politics and Propoganda
Call me an Orphan, My Lift as a Misfit.

I have always enjoyed Finbarr Corr’s writing. The same is true of MY DAD: JOHN
. The book is full of Irish life around the early twentieth century and
creates the picture of John Frank as a hard-working devout Catholic farmer and
his family, of which Finbarr was one of nine children.

Much of the child rearing was left to their mother, John Spent most of his time
tending to crops and to raising animals to feed his family and tending his peat bog to warm everyone. He was also a County Councilman and oversaw the clientele from his county at the home for mentally ill.

Despite the rugged schedule of providing for his family and fellow county mates,
John able to imbue his children with a deep religious faith and a keen sense of honesty. MY DAD: JOHN FRANK is a tribute to a truly remarkable quiet Irishman.

-William Richmond, Retired Architect and Author