Bridges From Legaginney

Bridges from Legaginney is the story of a powerful life-change by a priest from an Irish Catholic family of generations of priests. Finbarr Corr shares the challenge of his search for intimacy, the very difficult decision to leave the priesthood and emotions of his transition from pastoral leader of a vibrant parish community of 1800 families to a married lay professional, forced to start a new career alone as a marriage and family therapist.

“My good friend Finbarr has saved the best part of his life story for this book. He was just a kid who had come to America as a missionary priest when I met him in New York. There he was on his way again, this time getting his doctorate in Marriage & Family Education from Columbia University I knew then that this special guy would have an interesting life journey…but even I wouldn’t have guessed the marvelous turn his story would take. It all fits together with his love of people and life that shows in the way he writes.”

Dr. Ruth K. Westheimer
Author and TV Personality