Living, Laughing and Loving Thru Marriage

Someone once asked Dr. Corr if the title of this particular book of his was a joke.

Not at all, he said.

In this book, he explains how couples can avoid the initial mistake of marrying the wrong person but also offers suggestions for the average couple to help them grow in their marriage.

Knowing yourself and spouse totally is the first step. Making the commitment and keeping it is relatively easy if couples learn conflict-resolution skills, know how to meet each other’s needs and learn to accept the other spouse just as they are.

By sharing his insights and stories from his own marriage the author demonstrates that living in a committed relationship is fun and rewarding even if it can also be hard work at times.

Unfortunately, too many couples get married without the proper preparation. They mistakenly feel that the romantic love of courtship lasts forever. Many overlook or deny seeing the faults in their prospective spouse, think they can change the other person or just go along and have the wedding because the date was set.

“What was I thinking? Where was Dr. Corr’s book when I needed it? I was in college and engaged to a guy with no goals who disliked his mother, didn’t know his father and hung out with questionable friends. I married him anyway (why?) and waited for him to bring something – anything – into the marriage. I divorced him (of course) and am happily remarried. This self-help book is a must read.”

Former client